Night and Day is a visual representation of the history of the Manchester Northern Quarter bar and music venue of the same name. 
The publication captures a snippet of time from the venue, by documenting the personal experiences, and memories from the owner and promoter of the venue, Jan Oldenburg and Jay Taylor. Night and Day began as a Fish and Chip shop, but Jan had the vision for much more. He started with having jazz bands perform, sometimes the bubbling of the chip fryers would drown out the sounds of the bands. To now the prestigious, electric, and eclectic music venue, that has had The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys and Elbow through its doors. 
The publication is predominately illustrated by paper cut collage, pencils and oil pastels. With then sections of the interviews overlaying the illustrations. on tracing paper. The publication printed on GF-Smith Gmund Bier Pils, and Gmund Bier Weizen (paper made from beer!). This project was a self directed and self published. This project was shortlisted for the AOI's World Illustration Awards in association with the Directory of Illustration, ‘books’ category, and exhibited at Somerset House, London. 
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