Magma-Zine: Illustrated, Collated & Published by Maisy Summer. A publication celebrating the illustrators, writers, graphic designers, photographers, designers that make Magma be what is is! Giving a spotlight to the wonderful small press publishing community. The project resulted in a publication, prints, and exhibition & launch at Magma MCR. 

The publication was purely illustrated, showcasing their publications, interviews, & personalities, in a unique & personal way. The illustrations are playful, fun, & cheeky in style, creating a new interesting dialogue between the original & imitation. The publication is printed on a mixture of GF Smith Bier Weizen, Wild White, Natural & Bright White, creating a variety of textures. Shortlisted in 'Illustration' STACK Awards 2019, featured in Creative Review "Maisy Summer’s charming paper cut illustrations are full of character". Purchase here

Featuring: Counterpoint, James Unsworth, Zine Tent, Fernandes Makes, Logo Archive, Ryan Humphrey, Dive, Beth S. Wilkinson, Tasha Sportelli, Jake Waller, Siege Mag, Martin Wilson (Rare Mags) and Terrible People. 
"The Risograph process is a huge influence even now. The printed pages never look quite how we expect them to. We're about 80% in control, it often feels like a collaboration with Riso itself. We really lean into the limitations of the printer, using a palette of 3 ink colours each time and embracing the mis-registration of each layer that makes each copy unique. The combination of soy ink and recycled paper results in a thing that's lovely to hold, and we think that's really important"
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