Magma-Zine: Illustrated, Collated & Published by Maisy Summer. 
A publication celebrating the illustrators, writers, graphic designers, photographers, designers that make Magma be what is is! My practice delves into illustrating, documenting & collating stories of independent venues. This publication took a focus on Magma, which stocks one of the best selections of independently published works! ‘Magma-Zine’ celebrates the creativity of the writers, publishers, illustrators, photographers, designers.. that make Magma what it is! Giving a spotlight to the wonderful small press publishing community. The project resulted in a publication, prints, and exhibition & launch at Magma MCR. 
The publication was purely illustrated, showcasing the publications, interviews, & personalities, in a unique & personal way. The illustrations are playful, fun, & cheeky in style - creating a new interesting dialogue between the original & imitation. The publication is printed on a mixture of GFSmith Bier Weizen, Wild White, Natural & Bright White, creating a variety of textures. Shortlisted in STACK awards 2019 & featured in Creative Review. Creative Review: "Maisy Summer’s charming paper cut illustrations are full of character".
Featuring: Counterpoint, James Unsworth, Zine Tent, Fernandes Makes, Logo Archive, Ryan Humphrey, Dive, Beth S. Wilkinson, Tasha Sportelli, Jake Waller, Siege Mag, Martin Wilson (Rare Mags) and Terrible People. 
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