Magma-Zine - Illustrated, Collated & Published by Maisy Summer. 
A Publication celebrating the illustrators, writers, graphic designers, photographers, designers that make Magma be what is is! 
Over the last two years my practice has focused on the illustrating, documenting and collating stories of independent venues: the people, places, histories, & their narratives.  Magma, is a shop stocking one of the best selections of independently published books/publications/zines. 'Magma-Zine' published, curated, and illustrated by Maisy Summer with the support of Magma Manchester, is a culmination of reportage illustration and interviews from a variety of different creators who house their work in Magma. 
'Magma-Zine' celebrates the creativity of all the writers, publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, designers.... that make Magma what it is! The publication showcases why small press publishing is so great, and gives a spotlight to the people behind it. Alongside a few stories from the Manchester Manchester staff too, one resulting in a man thrusting a chicken onto the Magma counter..
Through this project, I took the opportunity to push a creative fascination I have with the pastiche. Rather than to photograph, I illustrated each publication featured, and parts of the interviews. I believe this purely illustrated, and hand written magazine is what makes it intriguing. The illustrations are playful, fun and a bit cheeky in style – creating a new interesting dialogue between the original and imitation. Overall showcasing the artists publications, interviews, and personalities, in a unique and personal way. My illustrations are predominately constructed from cutting up and shaping tiny bits of paper - letting characters and objects evolve from this process. This results in more unexpected and intriguing outcomes and compositions. This project was a complete labour of love, and series I would like to carry on developing. 
Ft: Counterpoint, James Unsworth, Zine Tent, Fernandes Makes, Logo Archive, Ryan Humphrey, Dive, Beth S. Wilkinson, Tasha Sportelli, Jake Waller, Siege Mag, Martin Wilson (Rare Mags) and Terrible People. 
Printed on a mixture of GF Smith Bier Weizen, Wild White, Natural & Bright White paper.
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