I animated @sabbakhanart wonderful illustrations for ‘Outside the Box’ an animation displaying @soasuni led research project ‘Re/presenting Islam on Campus’ with Lancaster, Durham & Coventry University. Produced by @posnegorg 

The animation launch also coincides with an article by the research team on the project featured in the Guardian
Pos Neg are working on producing learning resources to bring these topics into the classroom. More info on the project here.
“Outside the Box is a multi-faceted snapshot of how religion plays out in university spaces. It’s the beginnings of a discussion that needs to be had, not only in Higher education settings, but in other spheres of life too.  This animation helps to show just how important it is in understanding the lived experiences of people and how they are affected by sweeping policies that play out in institutional settings" 
– Sabba Khan, Illustrator & Creative Director
The creative direction for the animation draws from a range of disciplines; architecture, space and storytelling are all brought together in a nesting doll style structure that acts both as metaphor as well as a device that illustrates the complex way our systems and structures inform our lived experiences.” – Sabba Khan, Illustrator & Creative Director
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